Registration Form

Now that you know how it works and am coming up with an idea(s) on how you plan to participate this July,  take a few moments to complete this simple registration form.
We’ll be using this information to create a listing of Bake to Defeat ALS Bakers so we can follow each other and connect through social media. Your last name and email address will be kept confidential.

Please Include the full URL address to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts rather than just your social media account names. This form will preserve them as hyperlinks which can then be shared easily.

Use the ‘Additional Information’ textbox for any comments or questions you may have and to let us know what you’re planning to do for Bake to Defeat ALS.

Once you hit “submit” be sure to remain on this page until you see a confirmation appear that your registration form was successfully submitted.

Registration Forms Closed for 2016. See you in 2017!