Our Sweet Sponsors

Bake to Defeat ALS Sweet Sponsors include those individuals and online shops who have contributed monetarily or in merchandise toward the Bake to Defeat ALS Participant Prize Packages to be awarded at the conclusion of B2DALS, and/or to the Raffle of All Raffles to be held during July. These magnificent folks have responded with an enthusiastic YES to participating, to giving, and to supporting Bake to Defeat ALS. Please let them know you appreciate their involvement and generosity by leaving a comment on their Facebook pages, and when the urge to buy more supplies hits you, and you know it will, head over to their shops and fill up your cart!

Current 2016 Bake to Defeat ALS SWEET Sponsors

Listed alphabetically by shop name

Shannon Heupel, Artfully Designed Creations

Bobbi Barton, Bobbi’s Cookies and Cutters

Ginny Levack, Creative Cookier

Kat Rutledge, Ibicci NZ Stencils

Karen and Mike Summers, Karen’s Cookies and Cookie Con

Carla Yu Belo, Nuvem de Açúcar Shop

Cari Sanders, Sinful Cutters

Sharon and Jeff Storemski, Truly Mad Plastics

Tracy Torbit Hicks, Whisked Away Cutters