Ideas to Get You Started

Here are just a few ideas on how you can be involved in Bake to Defeat ALS 2016!

  • Bake (or buy) some goodies and take them along with a donation basket to share at work, a community meeting, a book or Bible study, a summer picnic, or any neighborhood or community gathering.
  • Set up a folding table in your front yard, whip up some brownies and other treats with your kids and hold a bake sale. Get your next door neighbors to partner with you!
  • Host a children’s cookie or cupcake decorating  party and either set a donation amount for each guest to attend or invite the parents to leave a few dollars in the donation jar.
  • Donate  your earnings from one of your regular customer orders in July.
  • Auction a box of baked goods or a coupon for a future order of custom cookies among your social media followers.
  • Hold a live online baked good auction on Periscope or Facebook Live.
  • Ask a local storefront or business if they’d allow you to hold a charity raffle for a decorated cake or custom designed cookies or cupcakes.
  • Offer a special Bake to Defeat ALS baked treat in your bakery storefront with all proceeds going to your chosen charity. D

And now with flour and sugar at your side, use your incredible baker’s imagination to dream beyond the few ideas provided here! What ever you do, you’ll be baking a difference and making the world a better place for one or many people living now and in the future with ALS.  Thank you!