How It Works

It doesn’t matter whether you run a storefront bakery or home business, reserve your baking creations for family and friends, or are someone who should never be left alone in the kitchen! Anyone and everyone can join in the fun of Bake to Defeat ALS. Here’s all you need to do. . .

1.  Decide how you’ll use your baking powers to raise donations.
You might begin by looking over Ideas to Get You Started or dream up something amazing all on your own.

2.   Go to Choose Your ALS Charity and decide which of the ALS organizations you want to support.
Do you want the donations you raise to go toward funding medical research or would you rather donate to an agency that provides support to those living with ALS in your local area? All of the charities listed are registered non-profits with 501(c)(3) status, most are involved in collaborative work within the wider ALS community, and all are committed to changing the lives of those living with ALS today and all those in the future yet to be diagnosed.

3.   Fill out the online registration form. Your last name and email will remain confidential but I’d like to create a list on this site of the bakers who are participating and where they can be found on social media.

4.  Spread the Bake to Defeat ALS challenge in your corner of the baking world, inviting your following fans and baker buddies  to join you in baking to defeat ALS. Carry the message to your nearby grocery store bakery department or storefront cake shop, inviting them to participate with us.

And when the calendar flips to July . . .

5.  Bake to Defeat ALS!
Take that great idea of yours and make it happen!
Be sure to share photos of your baked goods or your fundraising event on social media along with the hashtag #BakeToDefeatALS2016, so that along with our donations we can contribute to spreading ALS awareness.

6.  Go to the donation site of the ALS charity you chose,  make your donation, and then forward the donation confirmation email you receive from your chosen charity to Be sure to include your name and baking name (if you have one)  in the body of the email. This extra step is the only way we’ll be able to keep an accurate total of the money being raised and its critical we do, not only as it serves to inspire others to join us in our sugar-coated grassroots movement but it sends an important message to those living with ALS that we’re standing with them in the fight against ALS.  If you need a little more motivation before you’ll forward your email donation confirmation on to Anita, pop over to Baking a Difference Prize Drawings. Now you’re listening!

7. During the month of July, search for #BakeToDefeatALS2016 on your various social media platforms to find out what others are doing. Add your voice of support in their comments section,  share and repost their fundraising auctions on your page, and add them to the list of people you follow. Let’s use this month long event to not only raise donations to fight ALS but to deepen our personal connections and friendships in the baking world.

And finally,

8. Take a long nap. You’ve earned it!