How to Make a Decorated Cookie

I’m in the middle of a month long cookie baking marathon as I prep for my personal Bake to Defeat ALS event which will be a local bake sale on July 2. If I ever see another bag of red, white and blue icing it will be too soon!

So as long as I was baking (and baking and baking) I thought I’d take the opportunity to make a short little video on making a cookie from idea to icing. Enjoy!

Welcome Bakers!

You’re here! I knew you’d show up!

For the past few months while you’ve been up to your usual baking I’ve been hunkered down at my desk creating this new website for Bake to Defeat ALS. She’s a sleek and pretty little website, isn’t she?

There are some big changes and massive surprises coming to B2D this year and I don’t want you to miss any of it. More importantly, YOU won’t want to miss a single detail, trust me on this, ┬áso take some time to pop up to the Progel Strawberry Red navigational bar and do some browsing through the various links and then be sure to fill out the contact form if you have any questions about Bake to Defeat ALS, this website, the proper ratio of flour to butter, or anything else you’re interested in asking.

My shoe size is 9.5, and I prefer honeydew melon over cantaloupe. Just to get those questions out of the way.

Did I mention the massive surprises? Okay. Just wanted to be sure.
Massive. Really, really big. Ginormous even.